PCF8591: 8-bit A/D and D/A converter { ADC }

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  • Module supports external voltage input of the 4-way acquisition (voltage input range of 0-5v)
  • integrated photoresistor
  • integrated thermistor
  • integrated potentiometer
  • Modules power indicator
  • Modules with DA output indicator, when the module DA output interface voltage reaches a certain value, will be lit panel the DA output indicator, the higher the voltage, the more obvious indicator brightness
  • Remove shunts to bypass on board integrated devices

 The left connector

  • AOUT chip DA output interface
  • AINO chip analog input interface 0
  • AIN1 chip analog input interface 1
  • AIN2 chip analog input interface 2
  • AIN3 chip analog input interface 3

  The right connector

  • SCL
  • SDA
  • GND
  • VCC – connected to  3.3v-5v

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Product Description [electrodragon.com]

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